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cemetery facts

Time Line of Bedford Center Cemetery


1799 Original half-acre of land given by Isaac riddle for his four year old son, Gilman.
1847 Another half-acre given by the Riddle family, stone walls built on the North, South and West side, stone and wooden fence with iron posts on the East.
1871 Additional land to the West purchased by the Town from the Riddle family for $ 485.00. This was called the new yard and was cared for by the Town through yearly appropriations.
1873 The horse sheds were removed from the front of the graveyard and a face stone wall was built with an iron gate and stone posts.
1888 Adam Chandler's legacy left funds for improvements. These represented the first trust funds.
1893 Mrs. Francis Woodbury continued the beautification and arranged for a well, a stone water tower and windmill to supply the water.
1901 Bedford Old Cemetery Center Cemetery was organized for perpetual care of the oldest section and was privately funded. This association is still active, however its duties are expected to be assumed by the Trustees of the Bedford Cemeteries.
1907 The Town erected the Receiving Tomb.
1926 Additional land was purchased for $ 500.00 from the Burleigh Estate, descendents of the original Riddles.
1955 Land on the West side of Section 3 prepared for plot placements.
1980 Warrant article to negotiate the purchase of 8 acres of land from the Burleigh Estate resulted in eight acres being gifted by the family.
1996 Trustees began the clearing and preparing the land for cemetery burial use.
2003 The opening ceremony of the Hilltop Area was held on June 14th 10:00 AM.


Time line prepared by Doris Peck Spurway.